Held on the second Monday in December

8:00 PM  in the MUSIC ROOM

Donations to the

gratefully accepted!

Spring Concert

Held on the second Monday in May.

8:00 PM  in the MUSIC ROOM

North Shore Bandfest

Held on the second Sunday in June.

Shipbuilder's Square, North Vancouver
A day of music.
North Shore concert and jazz bands.
Free to all. 

Midsummer Festival

Every second year.

Scandinavian Centre

Kits Showboat

Usually third Monday in June.


Concerts and Performances

Harbour Light Mission

(Salvation Army, Downtown East Side)

December 1969 marked our first Harbour harbour lightsLight Christmas concert.  

December 2019 marked our last concert after 50 continuous years.  We have not returned post COVID.  Return status not known at this time. 


On a December Night 


On a December Night is held in the Band Room, at the West Vancouver Recreation Centre 

It is free concert, open to family, friends and the general public  We encourage those attending to make adonation to the Harvest Project -  a food bank that serves those in need in North and West Vancouver.

trumpets at Christmas
Our trumpets at Christmas.
conductor Tak plays his trumpet
Tak always plays at least one song.

christmas band

                            Note the "festive" wear for this concert. 


Welcome Spring Concert


Our Welcome Spring concert happens in April or May.  

It is a free concert and open to all.  It is held in the Band Room.


Welcome Spring Concert 2018.  Showing off our new uniforms.   


West Vancouver Community Day

(We no longer play for this event.  Event has been canceled.)

West Vancouver Community Day happens the first

Saturday in June.  We play this festival every year.  

It has been a band tradition that goes back many, many years.

crowd enjoying the outdoor concert
the band at West Vancouver Day concert
Rick ready to play the timpanis
West Vancouver Day happens in early June. It always seems to be sunny.


Scandinavian Midsummer Festival 

We play the Midsummer Festival every second year.  We last played there in June,  2018.  It is held at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby on or around the longest day of the year.  

It is a highlight and one of our favorite concerts.  There is always so much to see and do at the Festival.

Tak Maeda conducts
Tak always has something to say to the audience, first,
and then we play.
clarinetist warms up for Scandinavian Midsummer
Warming up, upstairs.
Band getting ready to play in Scandinavian
                Midsummer Festival
On the stage.
Tak looking at Lego railroad set
Always something to look at...


North Shore Bandfest

2018 was the first year for this event.   

It features concert and jazz bands of the North Shore. 

It is a free day event with everyone welcome. 



(Note: the status of this event is unknown at this time.  Hopefully Showboat will return.)

Showboat is a new tradition for us.  We first played there in June of 2016 and have been back every year since.  

Here we play to those in the stands, all those in the park, all those in the pool....and to all those wandering by who ring the top of the amphitheater.

Green mountains, blue water, red sunset and fine music.  A great way to spend a Summer evening.


Join Us!

Bring your instrument and give us a test drive!  

Arrive 15 minutes before the practice and introduce yourself to Tak.

We will find you a spot. 

For more information email us at: