Join the Band – Come & Play

How well do I need to be to join the band?

We are an intermediate level band with some good players who are happy to help. So, if you:

  • have (or had) played at least two years with high school/community band or taken private instructions
  • are a good team-player, and enjoy practicing/performing with other musicians

...then we would like you to join our band!

What if it has been a long time since I played?

  • That doesn't matter. If you played at a pretty good level once, then you can do it again. It will just take some time to practice. There are first, second, and third parts for most scores. The fingers will remember and the chops will come back.

Can I try the band out to see if I fit?

  • Yes. Come to one or two of our regular practices. We meet almost every Monday from September to June. See our Practice Schedule.

What instruments are we looking for?

How much does it cost?

  • There is a $200.00 annual membership fee for those that are able. This covers from September to June and can be made in two installments
  • For students and for those who are unable, we can make special arrangements

When and where do we practice?

For more information, or to join the band, please contact us.